philosophy & curriculum

St. Luke Infant Care Center believes in providing a safe, positive and caring environment in which children can explore and learn through play, outside exploration, and developmentally appropriate activities. Our curriculum is based on a blend of both play-based learning and Reggio Emilia. Children have daily opportunities to participate in activities to promote growth in each area of development as well as participate in cooperative projects as a classroom group.  Building children’s self-esteem, as well as social skills, is an important part of our curriculum and involves the whole St. Luke community emphasizing respect and honor for children, teachers and parents. While we are an outreach ministry of St. Luke United Methodist Church, our program is secular and welcomes everyone from all varieties of spiritual and religious backgrounds.

At SLICC, we use an emergent curriculum based on Montessori,Reggio Emilia and play-based philosophies. Our teachers use observations to develop individual plans for each child as well as a group plan for the whole class. Reggio Emilia emphasizes teachers and parents as partners in learning with the classroom as the third teacher. Documentation of your child's experiences, including photos and blog posts are shared to a private Shutterfly site for each classroom. Montessori philosophy emphasizes a “prepared environment” that is geared to a child's eye level and size to inspire and encourage natural curiosity and independence as well as a strong sense of self. We believe that the blend of these philosophies brings an innovative approach to learning.